Biobizz Light Mix 20 L, Basic substrate for seedlings and young plants

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Biobizz Light Mix in the 20 liter format is a basic substrate for the personalized growth of seedlings, young plants and cuttings.
For this reason, it is ideal for all gardeners who would like to control the complete nutrient supply by themselves right from the start. Thanks to the microorganisms contained in the earth, an optimized soil climate for plant growth is produced. This special mixture consists exclusively of high-quality components that ensure optimal dehydration and absorb nutrients very well.

You can use larger doses of this Light Mix fertilizer for all types of plants, even those with high nutrient requirements, without the risk of overloading the soil and burning nutrients - indicated by yellowing and crispy, burnt leaf tips.

With automatic irrigation, it is important that the water properly penetrates the subsoil. Otherwise it can get wet and mold.
Follow the fertilizing scheme for the best results.

Contents: 1x 20 L Biobizz Light Mix

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