Biobizz All Mix 20 L substrate mixture, pre-fertilized substrate with high EC value

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Biobizz All Mix in the 20 liter format is a high-quality and heavily pre-fertilized substrate mixture that enables plants to be supplied with sufficient nutrients over a long period of time. It has a high EC (electrical conductivity) value and contains natural organic elements that have a self-regulating system that keeps the pH values at the right level.

When you first use All Mix, moisten All Mix with water and let sit for 36 hours. This activates the Pre Mix, so the fertilizers and microorganisms contained in the substrate begin to work before the plant is planted in the soil.

Always keep the soil a little warm, because too low soil temperature slows down microbial activity and makes it difficult for plants to grow. If possible let the soil dry out between each watering. This way fresh air gets in and the soil can breathe better as soon as the All Mix substrate becomes dry.
Follow the fertilizing scheme for the best results.

Contents: 1x 20 L Biobizz All Mix

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