Biobizz Bio-Grow liquid growth fertilizer 1 L, liquid growth fertilizer based on sugar beet extract

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Biobizz Bio-Grow is an organic liquid growth fertilizer based on sugar beet extract and can be used with most soils and substrate mixtures.
Bio Grow is the nutritional basis for healthy growth and a rich harvest. When applied according to the fertilizer scheme, the risk of over-fertilization with Biobizz fertilizers is very low. The use of Biobizz fertilizers in connection with the earths Light Mix or All Mix from the Dutch manufacturer Biobizz is particularly recommended.

Bio Grow is a complete fertilizer for the entire growth and flowering period.
Start using as soon as the first leaves are visible and the plant has reached a height of 10 to 15 cm. Use Bio Grow until the end of fruit production.
You will achieve the best results in combination with the other Biobizz fertilizers. The Biobizz Try Pack is particularly recommended for beginners.
Follow the fertilizing scheme for the best results.

Content: 1x 1 L Biobizz Bio Grow

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