Biobizz Try Pack Indoor, 3x fertilizer in sample size, 250ml each

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The high-quality and practical Biobizz Try Pack Indoor is ideal for cultivation in the house or greenhouse.
It contains indoor fertilizers in sample sizes consisting of Biobizz Bio Grow, Biobizz Bio Bloom and Biobizz Top Max. All these three fertilizers are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and are based on organic ingredients.

Bio Grow is the growth fertilizer that activates natural enzymes and microorganisms in the soil and ensures strong and balanced growth.
Bio Bloom optimally meets the needs of plants during flowering.
Top Max as a bloom booster is responsible for larger and heavier flowers and fruits.
In addition to being easy to use, the Try Pack can be combined with other Biobizz products or Try Packs. The Biobizz complete set guarantees a basic supply for 1-4 plants. Thus, you can achieve maximum results with minimum costs.
Follow the fertilizing scheme for the best results.
Contents: 1x 250 ml Biobizz Bio Grow, 1x 250 ml Biobizz Bio Bloom, 1x 250 ml Biobizz Top Max

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