HESI Starter Kit Coco, Fertilizer set for cultivation on Coconut substrate

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The HESI Starterbox Coco is the perfect compact equipment with a solid base of fertilizers on coconut substrate for every phase in the life cycle of your plants.
This starter box is ideal for beginners as well as experienced gardeners who want to experience the advantages of growing on coconut substrate on their own. These include faster growth, a better supply of oxygen to the roots and precise control of the nutrients available.

TNT complex and root complex in the starter kit are responsible for explosive growth. This ensures that your plants will form strong roots and stimulate rapid growth even in the nutrient-free coconut substrate.
Power Zyme is used to create a positive soil climate.
For the increased nutritional requirements of flowering plants, HESI Coco is used from the beginning of the flowering phase and HESI PK 13/14 is added from the second half of the flowering period. This allows your plants to develop astonishingly many and large flowers and fruits.
To accelerate flowering, the COCO starter box also contains HESI Boost, which ensures faster and more even flowering.
There are also 10ml Super-Vit to provide your plants with an extra portion of vitamins.

Contents: 1x Root Complex 500ml, 1x SuperVit 10ml, 1x PowerZyme 500ml, 1x TNT Complex 500ml, 1x HESI Coco 1000ml, 1x PK 13/14 1000ml, 1x HESI BOOST 100ml + Catalogue, Growschedule

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