AutoPot 4Pot system with 4x 15 L pots and 47 L tank

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The AutoPot 4-Pot irrigation system provides water supply for 4 plants and is ideal for growing medium-sized plants, ornamental, medicinal and vegetable plants of all kinds.
The AquaValve module supplies your plants with water as needed, fully automatically and almost maintenance-free. This means they can be left unattended for several days and do not require electricity or a timer.
The practical AutoPot 4-Pot watering system is versatile, comes with all required parts including a 47 L water tank and 4 pots and is therefore ready for immediate use.

This set contains:

- 4x AutoPot 15 L pot
- 4x AutoPot pot trivets
- 1x AutoPot 47L tank
- 1x AutoPot lid for 47 L tank
- 4x AutoPot AquaValve5 Pack
- 1x AutoPot1 4System

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