Terra Aquatica AquaFarm, hydroponic system including pump, space for 1-6 plants per pot

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The Aquafarm from Terra Aquatica is technically similar to the WaterFarm and differs only in size and price.
The versatile cultivation pots offer multiple uses, regardless of whether they are ornamental plants, herbs of all kinds or small trees - AquaFarm and WaterFarm can be placed anywhere and are suitable for all kinds of plants.
They are made of extremely robust and long-lasting recycled plastic and are UV and light shielded. In addition to its performance and user-friendliness, this hydroponic system offers enough space for 1 to 6 plants per pot, depending on the plant size. It is also adaptable and extremely economical in use.
Both systems work by using air to draw nutrient solution up from the reservoir, and dripping it back down through the clay pebble substrate and roots. Thanks to this highly efficient principle, the plants receive optimal oxygen-enriched nutrition, which is of enormous importance for growth and flowering.
Due to the two-part construction, both the storage container and the roots are easily accessible, which is difficult and sometimes not possible with many other systems. It is easy to use, as well as its assembly, cleaning and maintenance. The scope of delivery includes detailed instructions for assembly and use.

- Measurements: 46 x 46 x 43 cm
- Capacity: 45 liters
- Instructions included in delivery

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