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FRIZC Flavour Cards!

With the Finnish manufacturer FRIZC, we at Paperguru now offer you completely new possibilities when it comes to flavoring.
With these innovative aroma cards you have the free choice of WHATEVER you want to spice up your taste with.
FRIZC Flavor Cards are labeled as food-safe and therefore meet the highest food standards. You can use them to flavor any dry product without hesitation: cereals, coffee, biscuits, tobacco, nuts, tea, flour, cocoa ... whatever you like and what you think can use an extra kick of freshness.

Exclusive distribution for Germany - only here at Paperguru!

With its aroma cards, FRIZC has created something very special that has never been seen before on the German market.
The Finnish manufacturers of the innovative aroma cards set high standards for themselves: whatever they do, they do it properly! That's why they're very picky about who to work with.
This is another reason, why we at Paperguru can consider ourself quite lucky that we can now be the exclusive supplier for this great product.
No matter whether you want to test different flavors first (tip: the FRIZC Aroma Cards SUPERMIX, where you can mix single cards!) or whether you want to create a larger supply in the form of a FRIZC Aroma Cards Boxes-SUPERMIX - at Paperguru you will find all 12 flavors.
So, there is definitely something delicious for every taste!

High quality, sustainable, unique!

Quality and sustainability are extremely important to the manufacturers of FRIZC, which is why they only use ingredients that are manufactured in Europe and that have been tested and approved for contact with food. For the sake of the environment, 100% of the ingredients come from Europe and are 100% recyclable.
Of course, a suitable name had to be found for such an extraordinary product. The company name Frizc is derived from a Finnish slang word: "friski" means something like "fresh and tangy".
So the name says it all!

Fruity, fresh & fruity or extra-fresh - FRIZC has it all!

There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to flavoring!
Do you like your cocoa with mint?
Put a card of FRIZC Superfresh Menthol or FRIZC Pure Mint Menthol in the cocoa powder and let it steep for at least 1 hour.
Would you like to give your homemade cake an extra fruity note?
Let a card of FRIZC Cherry or FRIZC Blueberry soak in the flour for at least 3 hours. The fruity aromas take a little longer to fully develop their full taste.
Mojito is your favorite cocktail?
Take cane sugar or tea and a card of FRIZC Lime Menthol or FRIZC Raspberry Menthol and you can enjoy the flavor completely alcohol-free.
Grating licorice is your passion?
Then the aroma of FRIZC Sweet Anise, FRIZC Licorice or FRIZC Sweet&Fresh Black Mint will blow your mind!

How does the flavor come from the cards?

The patented FRIZC Smart Evaporation technology allows you to transfer any functional chemicals (such as flavors) to any surface with active evaporation.
The card material consists of thick cardboard that is intended and approved for contact with food. With their handy design, the cards fit in almost any container. Good to know for environmentally conscious users: the cards are 100% recyclable.

They smell sooo delicious - please do not eat them straight away anyway!

Yes, the consumption of the flavorings contained in the cards is absolutely harmless. But FRIZC Cards are intended for flavoring foods and are not a superfood with outstanding nutritional values. Even if it may be seductive, you should only enjoy it "indirectly".