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The american brand BENNY stands for highest quality and an extravagant design, for which it already made a name for itself in the USA.
The manufacturers from Empire Rolling have tasked themselves to use exclusively prime commodities.
Because not just the Dollar-design itself creates the optimal smoking pleasure. Although - in this case - you're smoking with your eyes, too.

Pass the Benny!

Be it papers + tips or pre-rolled cones in the look of an american one-hundred-dollar-bill. Decorated with the world-famous portrait of US-president Benjamin Franklin the BENNY King Size papers look really impressive.
Imagine how you're gonna have all eyes on you when you light up this (allegedly!) banknote for all the world to see. That has equally style and is sending out a message against capitalism.
Following the slogan: What's the price of the world? Let's smoke the money on the open road.

You can smoke some Dollars

But it is not just the visual impression that make the smokable dollars a cool eye-catcher.
The deceptively genuine design of a hundred-dollar-bill is not printed onto the papers with ink. BENNY uses edible vegetable oil for the colors. Theoretically even the gumline is edible, because it consists of a natural sugar-basis.

Only 100% natural ingredients

For the production of BENNY papers solely natural ingredients are used.
No flavors or flavor enhancers are added, nor were genetic engineerings used for the production. All of the products are VEGAN-friendly - no animal additions and no animal testing!
Therefore BENNY offers a unique design, which you can enjoy everyday with a clear conscience.

BENNY is featured by the magazines: Forbes, Time, Bloomberg, High Times