AutoPot 2Pot system with 2x 15 L pots and 47 L tank

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The AutoPot 2Pot system consists of 2 pots with a volume of 15 liters and a 47 liter tank. It is delivered complete with all the necessary parts and accessories needed for immediate use.
The 2Pot system is ideal for single and larger plants. In addition, it is flexible, can be expanded as desired and can be easily combined with all AutoPot systems.
The AutoPot irrigation system is highly efficient and works fully automatically and almost maintenance-free only with gravity - it does not require pumps, timers or electricity!
The water supply occurs through the inherent pressure generated in the tank. The heart of the system, the patented AQUAvalve valve, ensures an optimal and safe water supply depending on the needs of your plant.

All you need to do is fill the tank with water and nutrient solution when needed every few weeks. For optimal care of your plants, we recommend using AutoPot easy2grow liquid plant fertilizer.

Please note: The tank must be at least 15 cm higher than the highest AquaValve for it to work effectively.

This set contains:

- 2x AutoPot 15 L pot
- 2x AutoPot saucers
- 2x AutoPot 47L tanks
- 1x AutoPot lid for 47 L tank
- 2x AutoPot AquaValve5 Pack
- 1x AutoPot1 2 system

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