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As a producer of smoking supply, LOL is getting more and more popular these days. One reason for this achievement is the high quality combined with a minimalistic concept, which enables LOL to compete with big players like RAW and OCB.

Products from LOL match their expectations: the clean design looks beautiful and gives a hint of what to expect: top quality rolling papers, cigarette filters and grinders with no extra gimmics!

LOL cigarette papers - super thin slim papers, great burning behaviour

LOL papers are available as King Size Slim or as 5 meter rolls which are very convenient. Both types got a width of 44 mm and are made from ultra thin paper. They burn very even and slow.

LOL tip tubes active chorcal filters as 150s box or 40s pack

These products are also keeping up with equal products created by established brands. LOL tip tubes got a cross section of 8 mm and come with ceramic cabs on both sides. Fortunately tip tubes are available in two sizes: the big 150s box or the small 40s pack.

LOL Filter Tips

In the field of filter tips LOL offers two amazing but simple products: LOL perforated filter tips slim green and LOL unperforated filter tips slim black are a solid choice and meet all expectations.

Buy LOL Papers

LOL stands for high quality products and low prices served with a simple yet stylish design! At Paperguru you can order the whole LOL product line to very fair prices. Even for experienced smokers who already found "their" favourid brand LOL is definitely worth a side eye!