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Founded in Cologne in 1920, GIZEH meanwhile counts as one of the biggest manufacturers for smoking supply and employs about 600 people. Besides a huge range of rolling papers with all kinds of different sizes, GIZEH also offers other products like rolling tips, filter cartridges and tamping machines.

Versatile and innovative - Papers with magnetic closure

GIZEH stands for multisided and innovative papers which is why they earned the title "The brand of the century"! Not only once but twice GIZEH has been awarded with this popular award since the enterprise had been founded.
In 2006 GIZEH launched their line "Extra Slim" and became the first adress on the german market for smokers who prefer more narrow smoking papers - papers who support the fine tobacco flavour the most.
Just one year later, in 2007, GIZEH yellow was awarded as "Brand of the Century".

The latest addition is the GIZEH Black Edition with the very convenient magnetic catch, available in Regular and King Size and in different paper thickness as well.
For its stylish and creative design of the Black Edition, GIZEH has been awarded with the international high-profile Red Dot Award.

Extensive cigarette filter assortment - perfect for smokers

To roll yourself a cigarette with high quality GIZEH papers is a simple thing to do - the GIZEH Rolling Machine makes things even more comfortable, safe and easy.
The convenient filters from GIZEH are available in different sizes like 6 millimeter or 8 millimeter. GIZEH Silver Tip Charbon are pre-rolled cigarettes with a high-quality charchoal filters placed on one end and ready to be filled with tobacco!

Pure smoking pleasure - with GIZEH

Papers or filters - GIZEH is coming a long way and focuses traditionally on high quality. GIZEH Smokers praise the water science on the papers, which guarantees best quality as well as the Cut Corners, which arrange for a perfect handling. GIZEH also sets new standards when it comes to an environment-friendly production: Sustainability is key for the companies policy.
Besides the ecological certificated paper material, GIZEH also uses natural basic materials for gumming. The pure-selection for example is made of organic hemp - needless to say, unbleached.

Activated Charcoal for maximum taste and minimum tar intake

Filled with fine activated charcoal granule, which reduces the tar intake, GIZEH Active Filters support the thoughtful smokers. The smoke gets cleaned and cooled down but keeps ist full flavour.

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